Powerful Queer Art and Fascinating Video Installations

Why the Venice Biennale 2019 was the perfect inspiration

3 days in Venice, 24 hours looking at, interacting with and analysing art. What an experience! I feel like I have only just begun to process the things I saw in those last few days. So many inspiring, powerful pieces of art! And at the perfect time - I am in the middle of preparing for my graduate exhibition. Here are my personal highlights and my most important insights and inspirations for my own art practise.

First of all, I loved the number of LGBTQ+ art and artists. As I am currently researching on representation of trans* people in art, I was beyond excited to be able to find so much I could probably base my whole Bachelor Thesis on this one exhibition. As a queer artist myself it was a very empowering experience and I am feeling more confident than ever about the video installation I am currently working on. I've been worried about it being too bold, too provocative. Now I'm actually looking forward to it, as it seems like I am in good company.

Artworks at the Biennale included nonbinary dance performers, trans rights, personal stories, portraiture and so on.

Pavilions/Art pieces addressing Trans* Topics or starring Trans* people


Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca Swinguerra, 2019, Film Still, Courtesy: Fundação Bienal de São Paulo