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Sea Change | Exhibition

Sea Change [engl.]

Change caused by the sea (Shakespeare),
often used in the combination "to suffer a sea change“

Substancial change, reversion or transformation in mindset, goals, politics, culture, etc., not necessarily in combination with suffering anymore, but just as often with "to undergo" or "to experience".

Manifesto 2022
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Manifesto (2022)
Contribution by Drea Faörie and others

Title image Exhibition Sea Change



Video, painting and installation about (trans) identity, gender and body come together in the "Schauraum".  Kai D. Janik's artistic process over the last five years becomes visible and can be experienced. The artist offers a link for self reflexion about these topics through his exhibition.

Janik's artistic approach contains a process of understanding and researching, which usually starts with an autobiographical perspecive. Collecting and layers enable a step by step finalisation of these processes. 
Looking back on the last five years, his inner and outer coming out as a trans man become visible, as well as perspectives of other trans people and the general topics of masculinites and the internalisation of (social) expectations.


Vernissage: 25. Mai 2022 19 Uhr

Opening hours: Mi + Fr 19 - 22 Uhr


Mi 1. Juni 2022 Workshop: Bodies

Mi 8. Juni 2022 Presentation: Appearance and Irritation - Emanzipatory Potentials of Art in the Present


Schauraum im Provisorium

Heiligkreuzstraße 4

72622 Nürtingen


The video shows some impressions of the exhibition.

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