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semesterleinwand (2016)

This painting was an ongoing project over five months. New layers were constantly added on top with the changes getting  smaller later in the process. The work focused on the process which began with a hand print and a body print before becoming a non verbal dialogue around the topics identity and transformations. Traces of the early layers are still left in the final piece which shows more of an emotional state than the outward appearance and boundaries of a body. The right picture shows the finished piece located between sky and earth, held by the artist to symbolically give the piece the ability to connect to the ground and to be flexible. Finding a place for the artwork often allows Kai to understand its meaning better, especially when it is process oriented work.

dysphoria (2019)

Gender Dysphoria (2019), Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100cm

The second painting in this ongoing series was approached in the same way, but only painted during episodes of severe gender dypshoria, thus visualising this feeling.

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