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sculpture part of the artwork uncontrollable

Kai's work "(not)uncontrollable" explores the concept of identity without ever looking at it directly. It is a work that leaves room for interpretation by describing processes and materials, allowing the viewer to start exploring it from the same starting point as the artist. The work includes an installation and a performative part.

The room shows traces of creative activities that were made part of the artwork. To the left, a painting of the size 180 cm x 140 cm is leaning against that wall, turned around to show only the back. Several windows are on the wall right of the painting. The emergency exit. To the right, in the middle of the room is a white pedestal on which an exuvia is presented like a sculpture.

The dominant part of the work is a hardened sheet soaked in beeswax, giving the impression of someone lying underneath.  It is carried into the room like a coffin and placed between the insect skin, the remnants of painting and the emergency exit. Kai is then alternating between giving factual information about the materials used and recounting his experience under the hot wax sheet.

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