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Kai D. Janik was born in Ulm (Germany).

He is a visual artist, illustrator and art therapist (M.A.).


After Dortmund (Germany) and Cardiff (Wales) he is now working in the area of Stuttgart (Germany). During his childhood he developed a great interest for portrait painting and drawing. He experimented with several techniques, which are now forming the foundation for his illustrations. Looking for new approaches and challenges in his own art practise as well as ways to support people with the means of art, he proceeded to study Art Therapy and Creative and Therapeutic Arts. This heavily influenced his work. Through experiments with three dimensional work and room installations, he discovered video and performance for himself. In his portrait series he is playing with a more experimental approach. For Kai, creating art is at first a process of craving knowledge and researching. This involves the unfiltered collecting of information and emotions, which are then further compressed and intensified, based on the belief that the core that remains of a topic will provide a link for the self reflection of the viewers. His work usually begins in an autobiographical perspective, which then becomes a more universal experience in the finished work, including the perspectives of others. Questions about identity are the core aspect of his work.

2022 - "Sea-Change", Solo Exhibition
Kulturverein Provisorium, Nürtingen

since 2020 - "WE ARE PART OF CULTURE"
Travelling Exhibition (Stuttgart, Strasbourg, Copenhagen,...)
Contribution of three paintings

2020 - "Master [ ]​ Pieces", Online Exhibition
HFWU Nürtingen

2019 - "Entkernt", Graduate Exhibition
HfWU Nürtingen

2019 - "InsideOut", Group Exhibition
Kulturverein Provisorium, Nürtingen

2018 - "Celebrating NHS@70"

HeARTh Gallery University Hospital Llandough

2018 - "Trace", Graduate Exhibition
University of South Wales


2018 painted two murals

University Hospital Llandough

2016 – “Identität” (Identity), Group Exhibition
HKT Nürtingen

Art Exhibitions

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