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videos that aren't part of an installation

Kulturzentrum Villa Berg - Window paintings

Documentary about a step in the process of developing and reopening the Villa Berg in Stuttgart as a cultural centre.

3rd Trans Pride Stuttgart 2021

This is the official Trans Pride Stuttgart 2021 Video. On September 11th 2020 the third Trans Pride Stuttgart took place. It was organised by Projekt 100% MENSCH, dgti e.V. AK Baden-Württemberg, Mission Trans* and the Queerdenker Stuttgart as well as individual activists.

The video was created for Projekt 100% HUMAN

2nd Trans Pride Stuttgart 2020

This is the official trans Pride Stuttgart 2020 video. With a huge trans flag made of 800 helium-balloons, an audio installation, conversations, and an information booth we celebrated the 2nd trans pride Stuttgart. I am very happy to have been asked to create this documentary about the event and to contribute to organising the event. Many thanks to Projekt 100% HUMAN, Mission Trans, Queerdenker* e.V., Dgti AK Baden-Württemberg and to the Ministry for social affairs Baden-Württemberg for the support of the event row "Queerer Herbst" through the support programme "Für Akzeptanz & gleiche Rechte"!

Most of his life, Wolfgang Frey worked on an accurate, detailed Model of Stuttgart. He even rebuilt his workplace at the railway control centre Stuttgart in an intermediate storey of the  S-Bahn-station, where the model was build 1:1. I am exploring the places that link the model in my perception: the abandoned , closed for the public storey at the S-Bahn-station, which bears traces of the deconstruction of the railway model and includes next to remaining fragments of the model, the workplace and personal items of Frey, for example in his workshop under the escalator. The city of voll full of houses, people and noise, as well as the exhibited train model layout in Herrenberg.

The video was made for Begleitbüro SOUP (Stuttgart Observatory of Urban Phenomena) link

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