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This ongoing series called "internalised" (2018 - ?)  is exploring the impact of the surroundings on a person.

A selfportrait tries to remain visible, while it is covered by layers of wax and various materials. With each layer the portrait changes.


These mixed media works on canvas bring together very different materials which contributes to the tension in process and final piece.

Some of these portraits are still available for purchase.

We are Part of Culture

Screenshot 2024-03-03 at 18-38-07 Kai Janik on Instagram Working on a portrait commission

This is an ongoing exhibition by Projekt 100% MENSCH (100% HUMAN) to highlight the impact of queer people in Europe's history.

The exhibition was shown in train stations, town halls, churches, city halls, etc. in Germany and partner cities of Stuttgart.

A version for schools is also available.

See more about the exhibition


Body Image Paintings


This series started in 2016 with a painting as an ongoing project over five months. New layers were constantly added on top with the changes getting  smaller later in the process. The work focused on the process which began with a hand print and a body print before becoming a non verbal dialogue around the topics identity and transformations. Traces of the early layers are still left in the final piece which shows more of an emotional state than the outward appearance and boundaries of a body. The picture on the left shows the finished piece located between sky and earth, held by the artist to symbolically give the piece the ability to connect to the ground and to be flexible. Finding a place for the artwork often allows to understand its meaning better, especially when it is process oriented work.

Other paintings have been added to this series until 2019, exploring different emotional states.

Dysphoria (2020).jpg
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